My name is Bartosz

Competence is one thing, but chemistry is still needed for good cooperation.
Let's get to know each other a little closer.

This is my story 
in a nutshell

I founded my first company at the age of 19 (2006), the interactive agency BR-DESIGN. At its peak, it employed 20 people and operated mines. UPS Logistics, LOTOS, European Solidarity Center, Puccini and others.

In 2012, I founded Quantum CX. A startup that was quite loud about before the fall. I changed the world and spread a smile and kindness in customer service. In 2019, padnemia successfully brought me down to earth.

During these 8 years I had the opportunity to raise PLN 10M of capital and learn business from the best in the USA (US Mac, ICANE, Silicon Castles) or in Dubai. I actively used the help of mentors (Stanford MBA, Black Pearls VC).

Since 2020 I have been running the first Polish crypto trust, Seneka Fund, in which we professionally manage clients' assets. In the meantime, I have supported various companies in sales, growth and strategy.

At the end of 2023, I decided to devote myself to my new passion, business mentoring. I have obtained a certificate (accredited by EMCC) and developed my personal brand “Rychlicki - business mentoring”, where in addition to mentoring I also offer consulting.

Why would you trust me?

This may sound like bragging, but it's important for you to know What competencies does a person have, which you can ask for advice.

Business and experience:

Entrepreneur since the age of 19 and with 19 years of experience.

Established 9 companies (including 2 exity) and support of 2 large enterprises (,

I currently run two businesses - Seneca Fund and Hel-Fit.

A severe defeat and national hatred on the account (Details in the Medium post).

I don't believe in formal education, but I do believe in good teachers. However, the best teacher is experience. And awards and accolades come by themselves.

Awards and Education:

Completed a one-year MBA level business course, licensed by Harvard Business School.

I learned how to do business in the USA. My mentor and advisor was Min. Rector of the MBA Department at Stanford University.

I received prestigious awards for my solutions, businesses and products, including CES2016, EMFA International Bank Award.

Work with such brands as: UPS Logistics, PKO BP, Santander Bank Polska, Novotel, Luxmed, PZU, Orange, UPC and others.

I am constantly developing to be the best mentor possible. For many years, I have appeared on stage and in the media.

Mentoring skills and creativity:

Mentor certificate obtained at the School of Business Mentors in Warsaw (rules and code of the EMCC mentoring organization).

I am subject to regular super vision from other mentors. I am in therapy and am constantly growing.

On the account of two popular podcasts, one about goals and habits other about Investing in crypto-assets.

Twice TEDx speaker (Wrocław 2019, Koszalin 2014).

Take advice from the better. Therefore, transparently I show you my numbers, so that you can evaluateDo I deserve to be called Your Mentor.

Financial achievements:

Passive income PLN 80,000 per month as a source of livelihood for 2 years.

Collected PLN 10,000,000 of private and public funding for own projects.

My B2B service sales score (combined) is over $3,500,000.

I was responsible for and co-realized a 40% annual increase in the company's margin with revenues above PLN 10M.

Over the years I have been
appreciated by

Santander Bank Polska
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Książka - 100 esejów, które zmienią Twoje myślenie.
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The 10 adjectives I would describe myself with are:
energy, chaos, versatility, dynamism, aesthetics, nonconformity, clarity, proportionality, smile, freedom.
And you?

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